Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mrs. Weishaar's Wild Things: First Day!

We had a great first day of kindergarten!  Check out our first day slideshow here.  It was so neat seeing all of my "Wild Things" together!  After donning our monster horns we took a tour of the school.  My mini monsters took pictures around school that I will turn into a class book.  We were all disappointed that we couldn't play on the equipment at recess because of the rain but we are very excited to have a bit of precipitation!  They were great sports and settled for taking a few laps around the playground!

We read about Chester Raccoon in The Kissing Hand.  We discussed all of the feelings we had this morning about coming to school.  Hopefully you were given your very own kissing hand to comfort you while you kindergartener is off at school!  We were able to practice our scissor skills while making this project.

We practiced one of our quiet signals (see if they will do it for you!), learned how to sit on the rug, and raise hands in order to get help.

The kids got to visit the library today!  Next time we will be able to check out books!

We also learned about sorting objects by color, shape, and size.  Jerry and Addy Kay shared their expertise in sorting laundry to kick off the lesson!

Tomorrow we will have P.E. so please be sure that your child wears their gym shoes!  Hope your little monsters had as much fun as this big monster!

P.S.  All of your kids were sent to the principals office, looks like they were in A LOT of trouble doesn't it!!


  1. Thanks for a peek into their first day! Looks like a blast!!!

  2. The girls had a GREAT first day, thank you!!!--LAURA PEARSON

  3. Thank you so much Sara for this insight in thier days!!!