Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Take 2!

Wow!  We had a GREAT second day in K today! The kids were all so responsible as they came in, hung up their backpacks, and began playing with center tubs with their friends.  They remembered exactly how to come to the rug, sit criss-cross spoons in their bowl.  I was surprised at how well they were able to listen to their teachers and each other.

Today we unpacked our supply boxes and learned the proper way to use the items inside.  We read The Crayon Box That Talked which reminded us that we are all unique but if we work together we can make beautiful things happen!  I gave them color clues and they worked on following directions as they held up their guesses before coloring.  We also worked on holding our scissors properly while cutting straight, curving, and zig-zag lines.  Then came the fun part, WATER COLOR PAINTING!!  They were very excited to dive into the brand new paints!  They also helped me read Mouse Paint.

As if our day wasn't amazing enough...the sun was shining!  Which meant we got to have recess!  During recess our friend Jerry lost a tooth!

To top off our day, Abigail turned 5 today!  Happy birthday sweet girl!  Her mommy brought us in chocolate monster cupcakes.  The kids were excited that they got to eat the monster's eyeballs!  You should have seen Abi's face light up when Mr. Mortenson announced her birthday to the whole school "live from the Eagle's Nest!"

Thank you kindermonsters for a fun day!

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