Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy birthday to Mr. Acy!!  We were so lucky to get to celebrate with both his mom (Mrs. VanRheen, our P.E. teacher) and his dad (who was a Watchdog)!  He brought us yummy sugar cookies topped with fruity face monsters.  He also got to be our very first Daily Wild Thing!  He showed us a very cool shark monster truck!

Today was a much more organized day!  Everything went according to schedule.  It was very helpful that all of the kindermonsters were on their best behavior!

We worked on understanding that our names start with a capital letter and the rest should be lowercase by playing a guessing game.  They learned how to correctly form the letter E.  Mrs. Reid even showed us a new trick using a tissue to help us grip our pencil correctly!  The kids put band-aids on the letter B in their alphabet books.

The kids continued to work on making predictions while we reread From Head to Toe.  We worked on our "fancy words" by acting them out.  We puffed out our chests and put our shoulders back to show that we are confident.  They did all of the actions in the book to show their ability.  In line I had them reverse again and again!

It was a lot of fun having all of the stuffed animals visit our room today.  The kids came up with three different ways to sort them, by; color, size, and type of animal.

Don't forget to send in a 3D shape tomorrow!  I will see you tonight at 6pm.  There will be childcare!

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