Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Boys and Girls

I could tell that the kids were excited to be back at school today!  It is was cute the way the did exactly what they were supposed to as they entered the classroom!

Our day started off with DIBELS testing.  The kiddos were very patient as they were called one at a time to be tested on a couple of reading skills.  Due to the testing we had to push back our recess time which unfortunately we didn't get to.  I have promised that the kids can have extra recess tomorrow for being so understanding!

We started our writing curriculum today.  We will be working on writing our names using only one capital letter at the beginning.  We learned a chant today to help us remember, "Start your name with a capital letter! It makes your name look so much better!"  I know this is new for some of our kiddos.  It can be difficult to switch from writing in all capitals.  Practice, practice!

We also started our alphabet books.  Today the kids used their fingerprints to make apples on the letter A.

We started our Story Town reading curriculum today as well.  The kids were introduced to the word "I," clapped the words in a sentence, heard patterned text in From Head to Toe, and learned the vocabulary words; confident, reverse, and ability.

In math we ate a yummy snack, m&ms!  The kids worked very hard to count, sort, and write numbers before they could eat their treat.

I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on the PTO fundraiser!  We had 11 kids sell 3 or more tubs of cookie dough!  That was very impressive!  Wednesday is another bracelet day, keep up the great work!

Don't forget that tomorrow starts our Daily Wild Thing presentations.  I can't wait to see what birthday boy Acy has to say!  I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

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