Friday, August 17, 2012

We did it!

We have our first week of kindergarten under our belts!  We had a lot of fun today!  It was the perfect way to close out the week.

We started the day by reading, Go Away Big Green Monster!  We made a monster glyph to help tell about ourselves.  The project helped tell our favorite colors, age, and favorite monster book.  They turned out so cute!  I can't wait for you to see them (I will try to post a picture next week!).

After recess we had milk and cookie samples from our PTO fundraiser!  They were really yummy and the kids seemed excited to do their part to win the class party!  We were shocked when we got back to the classroom and saw the gigantic mess all over the floor!  We think the Big Green Monster might have stopped by when we were at recess.  The kids did a great job sorting the objects as they cleaned up.

Please check out our specials schedule on the right, there has been a small change.  Next week is a bit busy, here are a couple reminders!

Monday-A day: PTO fundraiser bracelet day, turn in yellow slip!
Tuesday-B day: Bring in favorite teddy bear
                         Parent Information Night 6:30pm, childcare will be provided
Wednesday-C day: PTO fundraiser bracelet day, turn in yellow slip!
                              P.E., wear gym shoes
                              Bring in 3D shape (empty boxes, balls, cans, toilet paper roll, etc.)
Thursday-D day: Watchdog Dad Supper 6-7                         
Friday-A day:  Whew!  Just a normal day!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me, we've had a great time!

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