Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shh!  Don't tell Mr. Mortenson, but today, we practiced writing our names with a capital letter on the...TABLES!  The kids thought this was big time fun!  It was also a great way for me to assist some of the kids form lowercase letters to complete their names.  Tomorrow we will do a self-portrait and write our name as a beginning of the year writing sample.

We heard a new story about a boy named Sam who was looking for his talent in the book Something Special.  The kids also worked on their predicting skills (see if they remember the signal for this, hand on your forehead like you are looking out for something).  We also learned three new "fancy words," a.k.a robust vocabulary; talent, complained, and encourage.

In the book Shape Up! we learned about which 3D shapes can roll, stack, or do both.  The kids then used their awesome sorting abilities to tell what shape they brought in from home.  We had quite a few cylinders and cubes but no cones.  We also practiced using the math word, sphere, for ball.

In the next few days I will probably make some seating changes and assign spot on the rug.  I just want to give you a heads up in case your child comes home bummed out, they are NOT in trouble!  I have been able to gather some insight into their social and academic needs and may need to switch a few things around.

Don't forget tomorrow night is our pizza supper for all of the amazing Watchdog Dads!!

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  1. That's a lot for one morning! I'll see if I can extract some info about "predicting skills" this evening.