Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21

Last week sure was busy!!  We had safety drills every day on top of our regularly scheduled learning!  The kids did great as we learned our writing workshop routines.  Their favorite was working with their writing buddies!  Their writing is getting better and better!  This week we will continue learning how to make our writing look the very best it can, as well as, how to write a list and a card.  We will end our week by writing a letter to the Superhero of the Week (ME!!).

 Speaking of Superhero of the Week, we will begin with our first one in October.  When it is your child's turn you will get a bag and poster the previous Friday.  The schedule will be as follows:
Monday: present poster (feel free to bring/send in extras to decorate their board)
Tuesday: Show and Tell (item that fits inside of their book bag)
Wednesday: Favorite book
Thursday: Snack (enough for 19)
Friday: We will make a class book for them.

The kids had a blast on Friday during Learning Celebration and Constitution Day!  They learned about four different U.S. symbols from four different first grade teachers!  We also had a fun lunch where they got to sit wherever they wanted and do a modified "Watch Me" dance!  We ended the day with a school wide assembly honoring our school and country.

Don't forget that Friday we will be taking a walking trip to City Hall to take a behind the scenes look at our local government.  Make sure your child has on comfortable walking shoes and is dressed for the weather.  It would be helpful if your kiddo wears their new, gray Sunflower t-shirt.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call!

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