Monday, May 18, 2015

May Fun!

Mother Nature can't hold these kids back from having F.U.N.!!  We had a great time at the Great Mall watching a movie, eating a yummy lunch, and cosmic golfing!  "Home" had such a great message for first graders, it is great to be unique, love your family, and respect everyone.  Despite the cancelled zoo trip our Plan B made kids and adults smile!  I am so thankful to the many people that made this successful trip a great first grade memory for our kiddos!

 Today we had Mock 2nd Grade Day!!  The kids had a great time showing off how well-mannered and smart they are!  I was a very proud teacher.  I am so excited for their next adventure but my heart breaks knowing that they won't be "mine."  They met Ms. Alexander and were introduced to the BIG kid playground.  Mrs. Andrews had the newest member of the 2nd grade team in her room, Mrs. Riemer (pronounced Rhyme-er) as the kids helped in a readers theater.  Mrs Claycamp read them a great science book about roots and had them make an artistic diagram.  We concluded on vacation with Mrs. Herbert where the kids made a beach scene.

After a busy morning we were ready for some lunch with our amazing 4th grade buddies!  They ate well, played hard, and enjoyed a nice walk together.  The 4th graders even sang us their graduation song!  It was very sweet and there may have been a couple of tears! *sniff*

 We have been counting down the days in first grade with a balloon pop every morning.  Today's balloon said that we needed to have a paper airplane contest.  Naturally I modeled how to make one, attempted to sail it across the classroom, and watched it nosedive into the carpet.  So, I called in a local expert, my son, Logan!  He showed all the kids how to create their own planes.  Then we headed out to the hall to see which one raced the furthest!  It was a BLAST!!  I will definitely make this one an end of the year tradition!

I am looking forward to our Hollywood Ending awards ceremony at 8:30 on Thursday morning!

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