Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Happenings

We have been learning so much this month!  It is crazy to think that in 5 1/2 weeks this awesome group of kiddos will be second graders!

The kids have loved learning to tell time to the hour and half hour.  Last Friday we practiced using Twizzlers!!  Yum!  I have also been extending them past the standard to try to tell me time to the quarter hours and also how many more minutes until a certain time.  We are currently learning geometry with 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes.  Today we will begin learning about measurement.  Next week we will have our Unit 7 assessment.

 Last week our buddies came to visit to help with a culminating art project for our science unit.  The kids have loved studying how a chicken develops in its egg over 21 days.  They did research and wrote a book about what they learned.  Last Friday we started incubating 16 chicken eggs!  Hopefully we will have chicks on Thursday, April 30th!  They are all wondering if the chicks will be brown since we found a dark colored feather.  We noticed that the eggs are different colors and sizes and wonder what that will mean for our chicks.  The kids observed that one egg is significantly larger than the others.  Some kids are predicting that this egg could be a duck or maybe twin chicks!  Yesterday was day 5, you can see what is happening inside our eggs in the picture below.  Everyday the kids ask me if there is information in our book about that day's gestation!

For the next several weeks we will be studying habitats to prepare us for our zoo trip on May 14th.  Last week the kids studied the polar habitats.  They learned about the adaptations plants and animals have that allow them survive the harsh climate.  In the pictures below they are creating an the earth, labeling the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, and sorting the animals that live in each.

This week we began learning about the ocean.  We have learned about tides, tide pool animals, and the three layers of the ocean.  See if your firstie can name them!  The kids are also researching an ocean animal to present to the class.

The first grade team is putting together a summary of important dates for the end of the year.  Keep your eyes open for that helpful note!

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