Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24

The kids have done a great job adjusting to first grade life after their week off!  We have been busy practicing those tricky spelling words!  In order to step up the expectation we have been writing our spelling words in sentences.  I am watching to make sure kids remember to use uppercase letters at the beginning of their sentences and punctuation at the end, proper spacing, neat handwriting, AND spell our sight words correctly, phew!!  

We are also focusing on the comprehension skill "drawing conclusions."  The kids are asked to be reading detectives and find clues within the text or illustrations and figure out what the author is trying to tell them.  

I cannot even explain how excited the kids are to be learning about time!  It is so cute to watch them light up when they get it and begin to look at our classroom clock to figure out the time.  

April 2nd is our PTO art walk at 7pm.  The firsties have been diligently studying four famous artists and trying out their styles.  On Monday the kids took a gallery walk and looked at the works of Seurat, Miro, Matisse, and Monet.  They looked at elements such as form, shape, texture, light, and color to decide which artist was their favorite.  Today they were given articles on their chosen artist.  I was beyond impressed by how well they dug into these tough readings!!  They used teamwork to solve difficult words and highlight the important information.  Next the kiddos will be working hard to take notes from the article in order to write a nonfiction piece!  These almost-second-graders are blowing me away!!

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