Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21

This week we are using the _le spelling pattern.  The kids are getting really great at identifying the main idea and details in stories.  I have been really excited to see how many kids have been practicing on Raz-kids.  They need to be sure that they are listening, READING, and then taking the quiz.

 We are working hard to become faster, more fluent readers.  Please remember to practice your child's sight word packet and high-frequency words on their homework.  We have also been trying to use the "Chunky Monkey" strategy instead of sounding every word out.

 In writing the kids have selected an animal to research in order to write an information piece!  They are so dedicated to their projects, it is ADORABLE!  So far they have done "sloppy copies" of the cover, a diagram, and the different kinds of their animals.  On Friday we will begin taking notes from our books and National Geographic Kids.  Each child will work through the writing process to publish their book!

 I wanted to share some fun science pictures with you!  The kids had a blast using property words to describe liquids!  On Friday we did some experimenting and compared solids, liquids, and gases by weight, the distance they could roll, if it sank or floated, and their properties.  We even enjoyed a solid, liquid, and gas snack-a root beer float!!

Don't forget that our plain white tees for 100 day are due on Friday!  Thanks!

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