Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12

This week our reading focus will be on main idea.  We will also continue to retell stories including the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.  These two skills would be great to incorporate into your nightly reading routines!  This weeks spelling pattern is /ur/ using ir, er, and ur.  These words are pretty tricky so please be sure to practice!!

During our writing time we will be working on our informational texts.  Today we worked on comparing and contrasting two mentor texts about sharks.  We looked closely at a fiction selection, Clark the Shark, and a nonfiction book, Sharks.  We are looking closely at the text features of nonfiction books so that when we are authoring our information pieces the kids will be able to include them.  The students will be able to select an animal to research and take notes on.  It will be a long process but I am so excited to see them work!

Today we began our study on matter.  The kids were surprised when I let them bounce, throw, and smash bouncy balls!  We read a book about matter and decided that bouncy balls must be a solid since they retain their shape and size.  The kids then went on a solids scavenger hunt around the room.  They had a great time hunting with their partners!

 If you have a chance please stop by our room to check out your kiddo's New Year's artwork and resolutions!  After brainstorming and writing their goals they recorded themselves using our tablets and I turned them into QR codes.  Now, you will be able to save your little firstie's voice forever!

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