Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10

We had a great day in first grade!  As I was waiting for not one, but TWO trains on my way home I got an email saying that a technology grant I wrote through Donor's Choose was funded by Google Kansas City!!  I am beyond excited to tell you that because of their generosity our classroom will be receiving over $2,000 in technology resources!  We will be getting five brand new tablets and headphones, PLUS, a 23 inch HP Pavillion all-in-one touchscreen computer!

Another plus is they sent this kind message:
"You go out of your way every single day to give Kansas City students the education they need and deserve. From all of your friends at Google Kansas City, we're proud to support you, this great city and all its local teachers. Today, to say thanks for everything you do, we're funding your project and all projects in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. We hope this helps kick off an amazing 2014 - 2015 school year full of creativity and new learning experiences for your students."

I am so excited to implement these items into our classroom!  Putting technology in our kids' hands allows them to be engaged, prepare for their future, and learn at their level.  I have also been flipping many of my lessons in which I prerecord a lesson and have kids watch it while I work with a small group.  It is kind of like cloning myself!

Get excited, we will be opening our packages as a class when they arrive!!  I promise to take lots of pictures!!

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