Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27

We have reached the halfway point of the week!  We have been focused on celebrating each person's UNIQUE qualities.  We have read and compared The Rainbow Fish and Big Al.  Today we read Whoever You Are by Mem Fox, traced and decorated our hands.  They will become an entire first grade art project that the teachers are very excited about!I do apologize for the blackish/blueish tint on your kiddo's hand!  Apparently not all of my black markers are washable!
I am amazed at all of the quality writing our kids are during during workshop time.  We are learning to work on stories over a number of sessions.  We work by the motto "When you are done, you've just begun!" They know that they can add more details to the picture, add more to their words, and if they are truly finished they can start a new piece.
I am so proud of how the kids are working in math.  This week we are learning about partners of a numbers.  Partners are two numbers that work together to make the total.  We are also focusing on the switch partners.  It was neat to see them working through problems and talking about math!

Scholastic book orders are in your child's HERO folder if you are interested in ordering.  You can send me the order in your child's folder or order online with our class code.  It is a great way to get affordable books!  Your order also helps build our classroom library since Scholastic rewards teachers with FREE books!

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