Monday, August 25, 2014

August 21

Today was our first official today with all of the pieces of our curriculum!!  I am happy to report that your kiddos rocked it!  I was amazed at the stamina they displayed during Daily 5!  Ms. Christine and I were able to meet with 4 groups of students!  How amazing is that! 

Our new math continues to prove itself difficult to get through.  Hopefully we will get into the groove soon!  We are talking about math partners, two numbers that work together to make a total.

In your student's red folder you will find this week's homework.  Remember, it is not due until FRIDAY!  You will find a two-sided math homework, spelling word practice, and their sight word packet.  The back cover of the folder has this week's important reading words, including; high frequency words, spelling words, and robust vocabulary.  This Friday will be our first spelling test!

Don't forget to send in your child's cookie dough ticket this Friday if they have sold 10 items.  They will get a cute penguin with a pocket that is filled with a secret prize!  Fundraiser packets are due back on Thursday, September 4th.  Thank you for working so hard for PTO, they support our kids and teachers SO much!

You will see I have added the September calendar to the blog!  I will send a hard copy home once I finalize it!

We had a great first full week last week! Below you will find some pictures of your cuties hard at work!

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