Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13

We did it!!!  Our first full day!  We had many tired firsties, make sure they are in bed early tonight!  They had a great time hunting for letters around the room in order to find my mystery letter! 

 We explored our math manipulatives and I was able to observe the cool ways kids interacted with the objects!  I asked Joseph if he thought there were 100 bears in our tub.  When he replied yes I asked how he could find out.  He replied, "count them."  He thought that if he grouped them by tens it would be easiest.  Well!  He stuck to it and found out that there were 270 bears!!  Smart thinking!
 Several kiddos worked together to make the longest chain.  It was neat to hear them using their math talk to discuss if their chain was longer or taller than objects around the room.
 Ethan worked very hard to make this cool staircase using dominoes.  He explained to me that the first step was one and he added one step until the last one was 8!  Smarty pants!
We have been practicing procedures and rules.  They are really doing a great job but definitely were ready for dismissal!!

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