Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7

 Wow!!  Look at how AWESOME our rain forest is looking! 
 This is the view your kiddos have from the rug, pretty neat don't you think!?!

Today we started learning about decomposing numbers.  This means that students should understand that there are different ways to show a number.  We made the chart on the left by having students show the number at the top using finger towers.  I recorded their combinations and then had students explain any patterns they noticed.  They were right on top of it! 
We also researched crocodiles.  We took notes as we looked for facts in a book as well as online.  Then the kids recorded one or two fats they learned on the teeth of their very cute crocodile craftivity! 

The kids practiced reading their animal reports to the class.  They are starting to sound really good! 

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