Friday, April 18, 2014

April 18-Earth Day

We had a great day celebrating Mother Earth!  Our first stop was meeting with Mr. Jay to learn about conservation.  He told us about the animals that live in our salt water tank and what actions we can take to help preserve their precious environment.  He showed us how oil tankers can muck up the ocean and the effects in has on plants, animals, and humans.

 Isaac was even able to help give the fish a seaweed snack!  It was really neat to see and HEAR!!
 Then we headed outside for an Earth Day read aloud with Mr. Mortenson.
 Addisen's daddy got to hang out with us today as our Watchdog Dad.  I think he had as much fun as the kids!
 Next it was off to our playground to enjoy this beautiful day on Earth!
The kids were very excited to see that some eggs were waiting for them in our classroom!  They hunting eggs and found treats with a little added surprise, MATH EQUATIONS!  They ran around the room as they solved the equation and stood next to the answer.  It was a great way to practice "fast adding!"

After specials we had a recycling relay race in the hallway!  They picked up the trash, ran down to the bins, and sorted it.  They had so much fun we played three races!  Luckily it ultimately ended in a tie!

 We ended this fun Friday celebrating our friend Audrey's birthday!  She brought ice cream cones filled with cotton candy!  A sweet treat for an even sweeter almost 6-year-old!
 Enjoy the extra time with your families and happy Easter!

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