Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24

Welcome back!  Your kiddos were so fun to be with today!  They were amazing listeners and seemed really happy to be back into their routine.

We began our day drawing and writing about something they did over break.  We danced around to "move-it, move-it" and shared their work with a friend when the music stopped. 

This week we are learning about writing friendly letters.  To introduce the parts of the letter then kids listened carefully as I read I Wanna Iguana.  They quickly noticed that all of the letters began with the word dear.  I taught them some movements to help remember each part; the greeting (hand out like you are shaking hands), body (wiggle hands down sides), closing (jump legs together), and signature (pretend to sign your name really big)!

In math we are reviewing addition and subtraction.  Today we read If You Were a Plus Sign.  The kids drew story problems adding within five.  We also started "Mad Minute" with addition problems.  The kids have one minute to complete ten addition problems.  Today they added +0.  You might want to help your kiddo practice these to help with their fast adding assessment that will happen at the end of this quarter. 

Don't forget to practice your sight word lists!  Today the word "and" was formally introduced.  We also read Whose House? and learned three new vocabulary words, watchful, hallow, and scurry.

Order forms are in your child's folder if you would like to order a kindergarten t-shirt.  The back will have a drawing of each kiddo in our class and their name.  They turn out really cute!  It is especially fun for me to see them walking down the hall to first grade next year (*sniff*)!

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