Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10

We had a fun day celebrating our terrific friendships!  We started our day with our 4th grade buddies.  They helped us pass out our cards and make a very special art project!  You may notice some colorful toes at bath time tonight!

I loved seeing all of the cool valentine boxes.  Having made one with my own son, I definitely appreciate all of your hard work!!
The kids had a lot of fun making crafts with all of the wonderful parent volunteers!  I appreciate all of the help today especially since you let me got be a mom in my son's classroom!

Your thoughtful kiddos even made cards for kids that are at Children's Mercy instead of at their classroom parties!

We played a relay race involving popsicle sticks and candy hearts!

AND...if you can believe it, we even did some "ice" skating!  All in all it was a GREAT party!

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