Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20

This morning the kids have already practiced fast counting teen numbers using ten frames.  After morning meeting we counted all of the food that was donated for our food drive.  The kids partnered up and counted out a group of ten items.  Then we counted the total by tens.  We had 96 items!  That makes our school total, 1160!! 

The kids were then taken back in time as we turned into Native Americans.  We explored their housing, crafts and way of life.  The visited a teepee, hogan, and longhouse.  They made wampum, bowls and pottery, and wrote symbols on "buckskin."  One kiddo told me, "Mrs. Weishaar, you make the best surprises!"  Warm my heart!  Take a look:

Eating wampum in the longhouse

Miss A and I on a fishing trip

Eating out of clay pots in the hogan

"I can only catch three fish because I only have three worms."

We finished up our day reading When a Storm Comes Up.  We learned three new fancy words, whirl, warn, and property.

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  1. In case no one has told you lately - you are an AMAZING teacher!!! Thanks for all you do!!