Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18

We had a special guest during our morning meeting today, Mr. Mortenson!  He enjoyed watching the kids following our routines and dancing to "What Does the Fox Say?"  Then he followed us out to recess.

This week we are learning about the first Thanksgiving.  Today I asked the kids to become historians and document what they learn about the Native Americans.  They took notes in their notebooks after we read North American Native Americans at Your Fingertips.

In math we are studying teen numbers.  Today we investigated why all teen numbers start with a one.  We used a double ten frame to show teen numbers using m&ms.  After several numbers the kids caught on that they could just leave the first ten frame full and then count on to the given teen number.  At the end we concluded that numbers in the teens start with a one because there is one ten frame!  Smart cookies!

To wrap up our day we read What Will the Weather Be Like Today?  We acted like detectives and looked for clues in the pictures to make inferences about the weather.  

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