Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13

This morning we built some very cute and very hungry caterpillars!  The kids went "shopping" in each of the food groups to feed their caterpillars healthy treats.  They did a great job naming the food groups!    

We read an article called Shapes Are All Around and searched our classroom for 2D shapes.  Each child was given a plain, white circle, square, rectangle, or triangle.  They had to label the shape and then transform it into something they saw in our classroom.  It will become a class book for our library.

We also thought about what healthy food do for our bodies.  We know that healthy food helps our bodies stay strong.  The kids thought of and composed sentences about how strong they are because of their healthy choices.  Tomorrow they will illustrate, I can't wait!

Don't forget to send in those canned food items!

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