Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25

The kids were excited to walk in and find watercolors at their seats.  They used them to paint their Ww pages. 

We finished up our family tree projects by dot painting fall leaves and adding family words to them.  They are on display in our hall, come check them out!

In math we practiced writing our numbers 0-11 with same jazzy, robot music!  We talked about how numbers on a number line get bigger the further away they get from 0.  Then the kids had some fun counting while tossing a beanbag to a partner.  I think the highest number we got to was 39!

We also read the family book Feast For 10.  We reviewed some of our vocabulary words during the reading.  I am so impressed at the amazing thinking that is going on while we read.  They are identifying characters, watching how the setting changes, asking about the illustrator, making predictions, and asking questions.  WOW!! 

Don't forget to RSVP to the Pete the Cat event at the Antioch branch of the JOCO public library!  I am so excited!!  I hope we all can meet up there!

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