Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9

Yesterday we had a very helpful helper in our room.  Mr. Holle got to be principal for a day!  Thanks for all of your help!

Mrs. Pemberton and I want to send a great BIG thank you for making us feel so special this week!  We are so lucky to work with you and your kiddos each day.  The thoughtful cards and snacks were wonderful and we loved seeing our favorite colors!  We will miss this group SO much!
This week we have been very busy with assessments, performance practice, and a top-secret project! 

Tomorrow is field day!  Please wear comfy clothes including gym shoes and Sunflower shirts.   We will start our 1/2 hour rotations with Mrs. Beverages class starting at 9:00.  At 11:00 the PTO will be providing our class with snow cones, YUM!  Since the weather has been so wet we are going to have our activities indoors.  The kids will be participating in relay races, dancing, inflatables, and more!  If you would like to come hang out, please feel free! We will use you to make sure all kids are having fun and being safe!

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  1. Jackson looks very official! :) He had a great day....thanks for helping make it so fun!