Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29

As the kids came in this morning they received their "Space Journals" to record observations in this week. Mrs. Pemberton led them through morning meeting and let them go outside to enjoy this beautiful day!

I came at the end of recess and led them in a mini science lesson in front of the school.  They made observations of the day sky.  The saw a blue sky, sun, and birds.  They also mentioned that some mornings you can still see the moon and some days there are clouds.  We came in and recorded these in our journals.

Today we started practicing our graduation songs!  Can you believe it?!?  I *might* have shed a tear or seven.  I am going to miss all of you and your kiddos SO much.

After reading groups we started discussing decomposing numbers.  This means that if kids are given the number five they can use manipulatives to say that it can be 5+0, 4+1, 2+3, etc.  We pretended that mommy packed us 6 six cookies for our field trip and some were chocolate chip and some were sugar cookies.  They had to come up with the number sentences that could make 6.  Use some of your kiddos toys to try this at home and have them record their answers in equations. 

You can send in your child's flower any day this week.  We are planning to plant them on Friday if the rain hasn't turned our flower bed into a swamp!

We are hoping that the rain doesn't move in until Wednesday evening.  If we do have to cancel the trip it will be tomorrow after school.  We will hopefully reschedule it for next week.  Everyone start doing their no-rain dance (and record it, post it to you tube, and send me the link!). 

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