Friday, April 26, 2013

April 26

We had a fantastic Friday!  The morning was kicked off with some really cute poets reading their poems.  We had some kids read a favorite poem and some made up their own!  They were so proud!

We read Would You Rather Be? to practice supporting our opinions.  The book gave the kids two options (ex. a stick or a rock) and they had to decide which they would choose to be and then tell why that was their opinion.  The kids also wrote two reasons why the pet they chose the animal they did to be the best pet ever.

We played a really fun space subtraction game!  It helped the kids practice solving subtraction problems quickly.  While music was playing they swapped subtraction cards.  When the music stopped they solved the equation in their hand and had to land on the correct numbered planet. (i.e. sit on the table with Planet 1).  Afterwords we filled in rocket ships with the numbers 0-5.  I called out a color and a subtraction fact and they had to color in the correct answer.

Due to carnival set up, we were unable to have MaNia today.  They were a little disappointed but were instantly happy again when I told them that they got to watch "The Magic School Bus: The Solar System!"  This will help us kick off our space unit next week!

We finished up our day with a very cute butterfly snack of grapes and goldfish!  Thank you Avry and Mrs. Graham!

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