Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27

This morning Mrs. Pemberton and the crew got the day started with morning meeting.  They also painted hot air balloons to go on our "Fly away to 1st grade" themed door.  I returned from my meeting as they were exploring the center room.

We continued studying the rain forest by singing a song about the different layers.  There is the emergent, canopy, understory, and the forest floor.  See if your child can name an animal that lives in each layer.  We then created a kindergarten rain forest using our bodies!  Can you see the emergent layer popping out of the top?  The canopy covering the forest?  The tree trunks and ferns that make up the understory?  And our beautiful ladies that make up the forest floor?

In reading we read a nonfiction book, The Red-eyed Tree Frog.  We learned about what he likes to eat and what animals might like to eat him! We also learned that he is a nocturnal animal.

After reading groups we did some more FAST adding!  We watched this clip .  Then we had an Easter egg hunt!  The kids were surprised to find Skittles and an addition fact in their eggs.  The goal was to open the egg, solve the addition fact, and hustle to the number displayed around the room that told the sum.  We did it a few times before dismissal.  It was pretty fun!  Although, some kids were disappointed to see that the eggs didn't automatically generate more Skittles each time!

Please let me know if you are able to volunteer at the carnival during the 5-5:30 time slot.  I need to let the carnival committee know by Friday.  Thanks!!

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