Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9

My house smells really yummy right now thanks to Mr. Weishaars chili!  I hope to see many of you for dinner and bidding later this evening!

This morning we wrapped up our Veterans Day project.  Mrs. Bryan helped the kids assembled their soldiers while Mrs. Cline recorded the kids reading their sentences.  I will put it all together as a slideshow for Zach.  I think he will love it!  We are also thanking Charles' cousin, Michael, Avry's daddy, Eric, and Emerson's grandfather, as well as all of the other military out there!   Thanks for protecting our country!

After a BEAUTIFUL recess we did a quick review of comparing numbers using "greater than." 

The kids were pumped for Friday Mania!!  They practiced building sentences using their sight words, rhyming, swatting sight words, building sight words using play-doh, reading for treasures, and writing sight words in glittery goo!

We had a wonderful fall snack thanks to Avry and her mama!  We had cute little pumpkins made out of oranges and celery and acorns made out of Hershey's kisses and Nutter-Butters!  Yum!

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