Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today the fabulous Mrs. Pemberton kicked off our kindergarten day while I attended a meeting at District Office.  She and the kids colored their Oo pages orange which they later decorated with octopuses.  The kids even got a special visit from a man looking like a cross between George Washington and Benjamin Franklin ( was Mr. Mortenson!).  He read them I Pledge Allegiance to help us celebrate The Constitution. They then got to recite it to Mrs. McConville in the office, boy was she impressed!

I forgot to add that the kids learned more about Miss Addison McClure!  I heard that she did a great job presenting!  I read that she loves mac-n-cheese and would like to be a cheerleader when she grows up!

After recess we learned that our bones help our bodies move and give us shape.  The kids turned into blobs of skin and goo when I pretended to take their bones away.  They learned that our skulls and ribs protect some very important organs.  

They did some counting, number writing, and comparing during math.  

Don't forget that tomorrow it is PIRATE DAY for all of our landlubbers!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be heading to the park  8:30 to look for our treasure.  Please have your kiddos wear their pirate gear with the gym shoes, it will be a hike for them and they will have P.E. when we get back.  

In PTO news...
Congratulations!!  All of your hard work being cookie salesmen paid off!  Sunflower officially exceeded their $30,000 goal!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  To celebrate they are having a luau lunch on Friday.  Since the lunch will take place after our class has left, PTO is going to send our kids home with a sack lunch containing a hot dog or PB&J, chips, banana, and a juice!  

Also, we need to submit our class' basket auction theme by this Friday!  If you have any connections to businesses that may be willing to donate items to our basket or to Sunflower's silent auction please let me know ASAP.  So far some ideas are a family dinner basket and pampered indulgence basket.  Please let me know if you have any more ideas and I will pass them on to our WONDERFUL room parents!

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