Friday, September 14, 2012

Learning Celebration

Today was another great day to be a Sunflower Eagle! The kids were welcomed with their brand new shirts! Thank you PTO!

 We got to watch Caleb and his Watchdog Dad, Jason live from the Eagle's Nest. Mr. Warren picked a great day to be at Sunflower!  First thing in the morning we headed over to Mrs. Furlong's class to learn the kindergarten class cheer:

Kindergarten sure is great! (echo) 
We are learning our character traits! (echo) 
Sharing, caring, having fun! (echo) 
Kindergarten is #1! (echo)

Then we learned about The Constitution and why it is important.  

We had our first visit to the center room.  The kids had fun building Mr. Bones, and checking each other's hearts.  They built blocks, played in the home center, and even practiced some learning at the brainiac center!

We learned about how our muscles help our bodies move and added a piece of elastic to our body to represent the muscular system.  See if your child can tell you all of the systems we learned about!  

During Friday Mania the kids focused on Mm, Nn, Oo, and Pp.  They even wrote letters in MUD!  Of course reading books for treasure was a favorite!

After Mania we headed to the commons for our Learning Celebration!  We were the first grade level to perform our cheer and we did GREAT!  Then the kids saw a skit about Sandy Crab who was not very nice.  He made all of the character traits (Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring, Forgiveness, Responsibility, and Citizenship) do bad things.  Luckily Surfer Dude saved the day by using his surfer stare!  The kids really enjoyed seeing all of the teachers and one wacky principal act silly!

Then the kids were given their yummy lunches to go, thanks again PTO.  We had a perfect send off to the weekend!  Enjoy!

P.S. Please remember to send me your preference for a home visit!

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  1. I had a great time! I hope to visit again sometime!