Monday, August 27, 2012

Today we heard Charles present his Daily Wild Thing report.  Charles and I have one very important thing in common, we DO NOT like spiders!!  He explained that they make him GROSS!  He did a great job using a speaker voice during his presentation.

We read David Goes to School and discussed how we should and shouldn't act at school.  We also learned Rule #1, "Follow directions quickly."  The gesture that goes along with this is your hand wiggling forward like a swimming fish.  We will continue to talk about our classroom rules throughout the week.  

We reviewed our 3D shapes and began talking about 2D, or flat, shapes.  The kids were shape detectives as I gave them clues to help them discover the shape I was thinking of.  

The best thing that happened today is that we ALL earned a sticker for our behavior monsters!  Mrs. King, our computer teacher, said that we were the best class she has had all year!!  What an incredible compliment!  

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