Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Madness!!

That pesky leprechaun did it again!!  He visited all of the traps that the firsties made but not one single one was able to snag the little fella!!  The kids were SO surprised when they came in to see the big mess that he left!  It was so fun watching them run from room to room seeing if any of their friends were lucky enough to catch him.  They were a bit sad about their wishes not being fulfilled but they were happy to see that Lucky the Leprechaun left them little gold treats and a box of Lucky Charms for a snack!
We are pretty sure he escaped through a hole in Mrs. Rains' ceiling.  Better patch it up for next year!
He even left a mess for poor Mr. Don and Mr. Red!

We made him some cute little hats out of styrofoam cups he said they were too big for his wee little self so he shrunk them with his magic!

Better luck next year kiddos!!

I hope you had a wonderful break with your family.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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