Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9

Aaaand...I'm back!

So far in November we have celebrated two birthdays!!  Cameron and Kayleigh both turned 7 this month!  We have been learning all about them during their Superhero of the Week presentations!

In reading we are working on using graphic organizers while reading as well speeding up our fluent reading.  Keep practicing those sight words to help your firstie build up their fluency!

During writing time the kids and I are exploring how to "show not tell" in narrative pieces.  Today we made an anchor chart to describe actions that show how we are feeling rather than just stating "I was happy."  I am jumping up and down in anticipation for the stories they create!

This week we will wrap up Unit 3 in math and take our end of unit assessment.  Be sure to have your kiddo explain their math homework to you as they do it.  Reading story problems and deciphering the information has been tricky!  It is hard to figure out whether to add or subtract and where the missing number goes!

Last week we focused on Eric Carle as an author and illustrator.  We are continuing to explore his books and look for the author's purpose.  The kids started this unit by taking notes on Eric Carle and worked in teams to write his biography.  We read The Very Clumsy Click Beetle that taught us to keep trying and never give up!  The kids made their own click beetles to remind them of that very important lesson.

Next week we will celebrate Grandparents' Day in our classroom on November 20th from 11:35-12:25.  We will be doing several activities in our classroom and then enjoying some recess.  That night is first grade's movie night from 6-9p!  We will be watching Inside Out and have really fun activities planned!

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