Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 30

Please join me in welcoming our newest additions, Fluffernutter (with yellow spot) and Fluffy Jr. (white wing tips)!  The kids were so excited to see them this morning.  Yesterday we heard lots of peeps and saw wiggling eggs.  Overnight they mustered up the energy to break free! 

This afternoon we have been watching three eggs that have pips and cracks.  I told the kids that I would take a video if I was here when they hatched but at 4:23pm they are all still in pecking away!  Hopefully tomorrow we will have Gerald, Piggy, and Ted.

The students wrote opinion pieces on what they thought the chicks names should be and their reasoning.  Then the class voted and the most popular names were given to our babes!

Please feel free to come for a visit!  Since they are so fresh we are currently just observing, no touching.

You may have noticed that your child did not bring home a homework book this week.  We are trying to round up all books so please check around your home and send in any extra leveled readers you may have!

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