Monday, October 6, 2014

October 2

We had so much fun exploring force and motion this week!  On Wednesday we used balloon poppers!  The kids were given 6 objects to launch with the popper.  They recorded their observations like REAL scientists!  When we shared our notes we discovered that they feather was the object to go the shortest distance.  It was so cute to hear their reasoning!  We had several objects that flew far distances!  We also discussed how we had to give the object a big PUSH by PULLing the balloon back far.

At the end we had some fun by shooting marshmallows into a bucket!  None of our teams got a marshmallow in but their were smiles on every face!

Today the kids were motion detectives as they discovered fun ways to observe motion during our Fun Friday time.  They recorded their observations in a notebook, hopefully they will share them with you!

Today we received our first shipment from the grant I was awarded!  The kids were very excited about opening the packages!  Thanks again to Google KC!

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