Friday, September 19, 2014

September 19

WOW!!  We had such a great time at Learning Celebration Day!  The kids visited each first grade classroom to create something related to our country or state.  

Mrs. Tann talked to us about the flag and all that it symbolizes.  She also read us a touching story about patriotism.

 It was a bit chilly but we had good friends to keep us warm!
 Our next stop was a visit to our salt water fish tank.  Mr. Jay told us all about the history of the fish tank, how he cares for it, and answered questions that we had about the animals.
 Jordan and Allison even got to feed the fish some seaweed!

 Then we headed to the commons for a skit about our character traits.  There were villains terrorizing Sunflower but luckily some mighty superheroes swooped in to save the day!

 Jackson presented his show-and-tell and showed off his really cool K-State basketball book he got when he attended a camp there.  We also enjoyed a healthy snack while we wrapped up our learning celebration!
 Look at these cute little patriots!!  Have a great weekend!

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