Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

This week is safety week at Sunflower!  Today we had a special guest today from ATT to teach us about how/when to call 911.  Here are some of the topics they presented:
  • ·         There are lots of different types of phones to call 911 on and it is good to practice on lots of different phones.
  • ·         Do they know how to call from all your phones in case there was an emergency?
  • ·         When you make a 911 call, make sure you are calm, speak slowly and carefully, answer all of their questions, and stay on the line until the person says you can hang up.
  • ·         All students heard how important it is to know their phone number and their home address.
  • ·         Sacks of information will be coming home with the students.  
Throughout this week we will be practicing our school safety drills.  Here is the schedule of this week's events:

Tuesday, Sept. 16

Severe Weather Safety and 3rd Grade Bike Rodeo at Grand Star

Wednesday, Sept. 17

Constitution Day:  Being a Safe Citizen and Fire Drill

Thursday, Sept. 18

Walk to School Day & Lock Down and Intruder Drill

Friday, Sept. 19

Pedestrian Safety:  Meet our Crossing Guard

Our goal is to make sure that we reinforce that school is a safe place for all students. 

Last week we had our very first Superhero of the Week!  It was great getting to know more about Miss Allison!  She did a great job reading her favorite book to us and even brought in yummy fruit snacks!

 This week's Superhero is Jackson.  Check out his very cool board!!  I bet you can learn a lot about him just by looking at it!

Today we started our math MAP test.  This is a test taken on the computer that will help give us information on how to teach specific skills to each child.  Our kids had to use lots of "stamina" to get through their very first try at it!  We will give the reading portion next week.

One last thing, WE ARE THE TOP COOKIE DOUGH SELLING CLASS!!!  The kids are very excited!  Our class will be awarded a hide-and-seek party at school!  First grade is the top-selling grade level and will have a cotton candy party!  Thank you so much for all of your help on this fundraiser!  Thanks to you the PTO raised around $15,000 to help make Sunflower the best place to learn!

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