Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30

We are only 1 letter away from finishing our alphabet books!  The kids colored the Yy page yellow and glued some yellow yarn down. 

This week we are talking about Fall (even if the weather is a bit warm!).  Today we read Fall is for Friends.  The kids came up with their own sentences for what Fall is for and shared them with their partners.  We decided to use interactive writing to write "Fall is for pumpkins."  Interactive writing is a perfect tool for students to be able to observes how to write a sentence.  We talk about starting with an uppercase, uses spaces, ending with a period, chunking and stretching out words.  They did a great job!

After recess we came back in to practice writing our numbers from 0-10.  We listened to a song about how to form our numbers and then practiced using rainbow writing (using many different color crayons to practice tracing a number).

After reading groups we learned the sight word "to."  We saw it a whole bunch while we read The Little School Bus.  We learned three new vocabulary words; sly, proceed, and apparel.  We are also working on reading consonant-vowel-consonant (cvc) words and then changing the first letter to make a new word.

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