Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23

Today we started learning about our opinions or "What I think!"  We read the book Duck!  Rabbit!  The kids had to decide if they thought the book was about a duck or a rabbit.  We split into two groups and used interactive writing to write two reasons to support their opinions.  I think they really enjoyed it!  We will continue to write about our opinions for the next week and a half ending with the fourth quarter writing project. 

We reviewed number combinations to ten.  The kids really enjoy this song.  We partnered up and played "Bears in a Cave."  Each partnership had 10 bears.  One partner closed their eyes while their friend hid some of the bears in the cave (cup).  When they opened their eyes they had to figure out how many bears were hidden by looking at how many were out of the cave.  This is a fun way you can practice this skill at home!  The practiced making combinations to ten on their own by playing shake and spill.  In this game they had counters that were has one yellow and one red side.  They dumped them onto a paper plate and had to record how many red and how many yellow made 10.  You could do this at home with head and tails on pennies!

After reading group we reviewed reality and fantasy while reading A Mouse Told His Mother.  It was a really cute, imaginative story!  Three new vocabulary words were introduced; tame, adventure, and explore. 

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