Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1

Happy November!!  Well, we made it through post-Halloween!  The kids were actually really great considering last night's festivities and the anticipation for tomorrow's pajama party.

This morning we reflected on There's a Nightmare In My Closet.  We looked at the dialog in the book and thought about what we would tell our nightmares.  We tiptoed around in the dark and when the lights came on we told our nightmare drawings all kinds of things!  Then we wrote down our thoughts on a really cute project!

Our sunny day recess was cut short with our very AM fire drill.  The kids did remarkably well!

We filled in our November calendar.  There are many exciting days that fall in November.  I encouraged the kids to keep it in their rooms to see what is coming up!  Filling in our calendars is a great way to practice number writing.  As a teacher I can see who is able to form numbers correctly, who needs a bit more practice, and who just needs help making them face the right direction.  Check out your child's calendar to monitor their progress.

During Library the kids got to vote at our red, white, and blue polling place in the commons! 

After reading groups we thought about the importance of farms.  They kids discussed the many things that farms give us.  We read a nonfiction book, Farms Feed the World and learned even more cool things that farms give us.  We learned three new fancy vocabulary words; tend, wobble, and soggy.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!  Feel free to come party in your PJs!

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